Oracle Cloud


The Only COMPLETE Business Cloud Platform

Oracle Cloud is built for your entire business, with applications that you can consume as your business grows. With Oracle, you can start at the edge or perform a complete transformation.

Applications (SaaS):

Oracle offers the most complete, innovative, and proven cloud suite of SaaS applications enabling customers to transform their business with the latest intelligent technologies such as AI and machine learning

Platform (PaaS):

Oracle offers the broadest range of PaaS services in the industry that enables developers, IT professionals and business leaders to develop, extend and secure applications that leverage advanced analytics

All of Oracle’s cloud solutions share an industry-standard platform, so as you grow your business you can be confident that your needs will be met with the market’s most complete cloud solution.

Unified platform offers a common technology framework

This unified platform offers a common technology framework providing standards for integration, security, social, analytics, and mobile. Custom applications and solutions developed by independent software vendors also leverage this platform, which ultimately reduces costs, minimizes IT support requirements, and simplifies integrations.

    Company Intra-net Employee Portal (Onboarding)

  • Reduces costs and risks with common technology framework, security and identity services
  • Minimizes IT support with shared technology used across cloud services
  • Supports additional use cases when required with a complete global cloud solution
  • Simplifies integrations and extensions with Oracle’s universal Platform as a Services