Enhanced service delivery and management

Alpha Net follows an integrated approach for service delivery and management that offers resilience to implement, integrate and manage key projects as part of ongoing operations. As a result, enterprises benefit from the ease of adoption of new business processes, increased level of support and network availability, more stable and predictable IT budgets, and easy access to latest technology and enhanced skills base.


Managed Services

Alpha Net integrated managed services model enables enterprises across the globe transform their business and IT operations for high level of availability and business agility. These capabilities empower enterprises to outsource activities like IT management to specialists, while keeping them focused on their core business processes. Alpha Net integrated managed services help enterprises efficiently address security, flexibility and compliance challenges, thereby focusing on service excellence and delivery. Our team follows industry best practices to meet specific business requirements and reduce operational costs and complexities.



Leveraging service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the latest technologies to ensure that your systems are highly scalable, flexible and adaptable to your future business requirements. Alpha Net offers complete range of application integration services that address the full integration lifecycle - from strategy development through implementation to ongoing management and support - to help you meet your current and future business goals. Our services have helped businesses worldwide to reduce the complexity of IT infrastructure and substantially improve its reliability, flexibility and scalability.


Implementation Services

Alpha Net application implementation services follow a customized approach to successfully plan, conduct and control the implementation of business solutions. We offer a perfect blend of standardized processes, leading-edge technologies and industry expertise to implement enterprise-wide applications. We work as your trusted IT partner and collaborate with your internal staff or the chosen service provider to integrate latest technologies to your existing business processes. Our implementation services are focused at delivering value to business solutions implementations.


Web Support

Each organization has disparate requirements when it comes to ongoing web maintenance and support. To meet these diverse needs, Alpha Net provides a spectrum of ongoing website maintenance and support services to global clients, helping them continually grow and expand their website with changing internet trends and technologies. Successful business web applications create their own challenges ? demand for new functionality/features, enhanced usability, increased performance, higher reliability and connectivity to more and more applications and networks.


Web Analytics

The Web Analytics team gives you a complete insight into your online initiatives. The team performs both onsite data tracking (tracking user behavior on your websites, micro-sites and geo sites) and offsite data tracking (tracking your online campaigns such as social media, PPC and Email campaigns). The team provides traffic and conversion forecasting, automated dashboards with monthly trends, routine data verification, A/B Testing services and updates of dashboards as well. This not only helps in measuring your social media effectiveness but also provides actionable insights to boost SEO efforts and increase referral traffic. Real time data or historical trends; Consolidated analysis for various data sources or simple review; Automated dashboards or a quick report; we have mastered it all! Our analysis can improve your website performance and ultimately your business bottom line. The web analysts’ team at Alpha Net provides end-to-end analytics services that include customized capturing and tracking of critical visitor data, breaking down of statistics to granular level, analyzing and organizing the data into practical categories, and providing automated dashboards and reports. Alpha Net has expertise in Omniture, Google Analytics, Mexamine, WebTrends.


Software Consulting and Resource Management

We believe that the key to effective software development in outsourcing mode is creating the very best software teams, combining technical skills with the ability to collaborate. At Alpha Net we excel at weaving our people into effective teams using the most innovative processes to deliver software applications collaboratively. When you choose Alpha Net, you gain access to deep technical expertise and best practices while reducing development costs. Formulating targeted, proactive business strategies, advising global clients on IT concerns and enabling organizations confront complex business challenges head-on. Alpha Net provides integrated, end-to-end IT enabled business consulting services to help organizations optimize their technology and enhance profitability through the use of innovative technology solutions and services. Alpha Net leverages global delivery model, industry expertise and rich experience to deliver the full range of consulting services - IT strategy consulting, architecture assessment and definition, capacity planning, business solution implementation, technology consulting and integration, infrastructure consulting and supporting services. No matter how complex your business processes are, no matter how diverse IT processes and information architectures you have, we will align your business and IT strategies and prioritize them to meet your business objectives.


Quality Assurance

Enhancing the quality of your software and web applications via manual and automated testing practices. Alpha Net brings a complete suite of cost-effective, well-structured testing and validation solutions that ensure flawless functionality, performance and security at every stage of project lifecycle. Our comprehensive range of Software Quality Assurance and independent testing services have helped numerous global clients improve product quality and reduce time-to-market. Our QA span domain testing (functionality testing, regression testing and test automation), technology testing (installation testing, performance testing and scalability testing) and operations centric testing (compatibility testing, security testing and integration testing).