We at Alpha Net have engineered one of its kind SaaS model multi-site Portal solution for Global Trade called ‘SmartGT’. This solution bridges the gaps and shortcomings, delivering the next generation solutions for managing global trade and enabling a seamless global supply chain ecosystem. SmartGT enables seamless production of trade documents globally, making sure commercial and customs documents are always relevant, up to date and easily accessible from anywhere. Streamlined production, printing and management of any shipments eliminate shipping delays and expedite customs clearance process. Document creation templates are highly configured by multitude of attributes and available data fields, giving extensive flexibility and adherence to local operational requirements for both recurring and ad-hoc shipments.


Data Integration Synopsis

Typical data integration points between Oracle and SmartGT includes master and transaction data. The most common masters include Item master, Customer master, Vendor Master, Cost master, Price lists as a part of standard integration. In addition, there is a provision of non-standard masters like data that resides in oracle in look ups, Descriptive Flexfields or custom tables which can additionally pulled in to SmartGT on a need basis.

Transactional data includes Orders, Shipments/Deliveries, Purchase orders, Warehouse Transfers (Inter Org, IR-ISO). The approaches to integrations often are batch mode and real time and depending on the needs of the customers, we can configure the same.



  • Use of State of art technology to scale to upto ERP standards. Oracle R12, SOA, fusion ware, OSB (fusion ware architecture).
  • Bi-directional data interchange with easy configurability
  • Integrated intelligence on Reporting with Edit reports to ensure data balance between systems
  • Custom interface approach includes careful requirements gathering and agreeing on the data interchanges
  • Providing security model for such data interchanges between systems
  • Maintenance includes batch and real time options and suggested approaches depending upon the nature of data and criticality to business

Proposed Integration Architecture(s)

  • Secured Web Service and Proxy address can be created using Oracle SOA Suite and OSB(Oracle Service Bus).
  • Web Service will have input parameters Master and/or Transactional Data.
  • Web Service can response immediately(Synchronous) or Scheduled/Depending on Polling(Asynchronous)
  • Web Service will talk to SmartGT system SQL Server using DB Adapter.
  • Web Service (SOAP or REST) can be consumed by any application or system.
  • Need to identify capability of External System(eg. Oracle ERP/SAP or any application) to interact with Secured Web Service. API used by those systems to consume Web Service which would interact with SmartGT System.