Web Apps


Unleash the power of customization with powerful web technologies

Over the past couple of years Alpha Net has worked with global clients to design and develop number of web applications.


JavaScript & JQuery

Need a Javascript/ Jquery solution and you are at the right place. Tell us the problem and we will develop innovative solutions to manage them. Over the years, we have worked with global clients and have built competency in handling situations of varied types in various domains.

We can also leverage on EXTJS, Dojo or GWT toolkits for impressive web applications.

Rich interactive designs

Data visualization

Custom widget development



Our web development team will help you mark an impression on the web with its front-end development expertise in HTML and CSS.

Design, develop and deploy HTML applications

Responsive web design for consistent look and feel on all your mobile devices

Leverage on HTML5 and CSS3 features to get you the best solution for your needs

Search Engine Optimization

Performance Optimization


Microsoft .NET Applications

We have worked for many years on Microsoft technologies and developed number of custom applications. Our experienced development team is hands-on with latest advancements in .Net technologies.

Architect, design and develop custom web applications

Scalable and maintainable solutions

Compliance to standards and guidelines