Adobe Target

True Personalization at Scale – Right Experience to The Right Customer at The Right Time With Multi Variable Testing.

True Personalization at Scale – Right Experience to The Right Customer at The Right Time With Multi Variable Testing

Adobe Target empowers your digital presence with the ability to design and target content to a specific set of audience, while performing A/B testing, multivariate testing and auto allocating the optimal design and personalized content seamlessly.

We our clients implement Adobe Target to deliver personalized content to help them convert casual website visitors into paying customers. Empowering them through a comprehensive suite of tests and algorithms to select the right content or product and offers it to the right customer — at the perfect time.

Adobe Target is a complete optimization solution that allows data-driven marketers to rapidly experiment and create high-converting personalized experiences.

Our team of Optimization experts can support your Adobe Target requirements from set-up and training to fullservice optimization and personalization. We can help design your testing strategy, create your hypotheses, build your tests, analyze the results and evolve the programme based on the insights gathered. We can also support in segmentation and audience management to enable truly personalized experiences that not only improve the customer experience but also ensure higher conversions.

Our certified Adobe experts can help you implement Adobe Target to maximize your company’s conversion rates through constant testing and optimization. You can use Adobe Target to deliver personalized experiences through your website and mobile app.

Experiment with new marketing tactics and monitor customer behavior to track your results. You can even experiment with your content in real time by setting up A/B tests using an interface designed for marketers — not programmers. Choose a winning variation based on customer response or let Adobe Target select the winner for you.

5 Adobe Target Features Which Can Help You Utilize The Split Testing Tool To Its Maximum Potential.

o Offers – Adobe Target Offers helps you divide, break the codes into modules before applying as well as storing them on the variation and using them later, for multivariate testing.

o Visual Composer – This feature of the testing tool loads the webpage your trying to create. The variation appears on the target and allows you to update as well as make changes visually leading to the creation of the changes code.

o In-tool Analytics – Adobe Target unlike other analytics tools has in-tool analytics which is specific to analyse test results and its performance.

o Auto-Allocate feature – ab testing is usually not 50% in all the scenarios, making decisions tougher. This feature of auto split in this automated testing tool splits the test with the best possibilities owing to the machine learning technology.

o Automated personalization Testing – This is an advance test feature of Adobe Target which enables the website to show the relevant content specific to each visitor by its complex algorithm.