Project Development

Alpha Net has a range of solutions and services to address enterprise-wide requirements and challenges to help organizations identify key business issues and appropriate IT and consulting services to mitigate them. From the development of strategy through the deployment of application and maintenance, Alpha Net offers a full range of services and solutions with capabilities to support client globally with end-to-end full lifecycle solution spanning across verticals.

Software Development

We’ve been developing custom software for the past 18 years.

We know software. We help customers develop, support and maintain systems in all flavors. We have experts who know the old stuff and others that are on the cutting edge.

Web development

So much more development takes place on the web. We embrace it as well.

Web development requires innovation, scale, and security. The web enables tremendous freedoms and flexibility. It’s important to develop your applications using the right tools.


The core to many systems is the database. It must meet your needs.

Designing and maintaining your data is crucial for successful software development. Make sure you are building on a solid database foundation by choosing the right tool and the right people. When you are ready to scale, bring in the experts.


The cloud is wonderful, but it still requires attention. Make sure you are covered.

We love the cloud. We’ve helped many of our customers successfully migrate their critical applications to the cloud. The cloud offers many advantages. Let us show you how to get there or support you when you arrive.

Business Application

ERP, CRM, BI, Financials. We work all the angles of business applications.

If you need help choosing the right system, installing, supporting or maintaining it, call us. We take the time to understand why you are making the change, not just what. Mapping an application to your business is critical. Choose someone who’s done it before.

Design and Graphics

Your application can’t just work, it must look good. If it’s your product or site, it should reflect you.

There are many tools available, but you need skilled designers and graphic artists to power them. If you want creativity that matches teamwork, we can help.

Web Servers

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Operating Systems

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Our Delivery Models

Alpha Net follows an integrated approach to service delivery and management that offers resilience to implement, integrate and manage key projects as part of ongoing operations. As a result, enterprises benefit from the ease of adoption of new business processes, increased levels of support and network availability, more stable and predictable IT budgets, and easy access to latest technology and enhanced skills base.

We offer a perfect blend of standardized processes, leading-edge technologies and industry expertise to implement enterprise-wide applications. We work as your trusted IT partner and collaborate with your internal staff or the chosen service provider to integrate the latest technologies to your existing business processes. Our implementation services are focused at delivering value to business solutions implementations.


The offshore delivery model leverages our world class development team in our India development center. This model works well where the project goals are well defined and where the operation is stable.


The onsite delivery model brings skilled Alpha Net professionals to the customer’s site. This delivery model is an excellent choice when there is a need for a specific resource type or when post-deployment support is imperative.


This model, a combination of both onsite and offshore, is the best of both worlds and results in optimized costs and maximized efficiency. The onsite team directly interacts with the customers and provides single point of contact for offshore team.

Engagement Models

Fixed Price Model

The customer pays a pre-negotiated fixed price for the complete project, which in turn is linked to well-defined deliverables. For any change in scope a predefined fixed hourly rate agreed at the initial stage of start of project is paid. This model is best used when the scope of work is clear.

Hybrid Model

In this model a major portion of a project is on a Fixed Price basis and at the same time resources are deployed on a Time and Materials Pricing basis. Adopting such a model enables the client to maximize their budgets without compromising any aspect of the project itself.

ODC Partnership Model

ODC Partnership Model aims at creating relationships with customers who seek long-term services. This model involves the creation of a dedicated offshore development unit comprising engineers who have or built domain expertise in specific areas. This ensures continuity within the project and iterative use of components while continuously upgrading to market requirements and effectively addressing business critical issues like our clients’ time-to-market pressures.

Time and Material Model

Under this model we define the business model and work hand in hand with our client for end-to-end execution of project. The client pays a fixed hourly rate. At times once the scope is frozen the time and material project also gets converted to the fixed price model.

Dedicated Development Center Model

A dedicated development center can be an extension of the customer’s software engineering facility. The customer pays fixed monthly rate for the team.